About us

Fluidra, an international benchmark in Pool & Wellness

Fluidra is a listed Spanish multinational group devoted to developing applications for the sustainable use of water at the service of people’s wellbeing and health; leisure, sports and therapeutic applications associated with the extensive field of Pool & Wellness for domestic, commercial and public use.

Fluidra operates in 45 countries by way of 160 branches and production centres located in the main markets. Fluidra products are distributed to more than 170 countries due to an extensive sales network. The group has some 4,300 employees. Our long experience and the latest technologies together with the strict control of our manufacturing processes are the key to our success.

Respect for water and its rational use are two concepts at the core of the philosophy of the group. The companies which comprise Fluidra, some of these with 40 years of experience, have grown with this vision, specializing in a four business units: water treatment, fluid handling, irrigation and pool/wellness.

No matter the size or shape, residential pools or Olympic pools, temporary or permanent, indoor or outdoor, for hotels or local communities, a sport complex or water park we have the capacity to provide the optimum solution. We have over 100 facilities located in 45 countries world-wide, and produce award-winning heaters, pumps, filters, sanitization equipment, valves, competition equipment, and other products for the international pool and spa industry. Fluidra USA production center is located in Jacksonville, Florida.