Pool & Wellness


Fluidra USA designs, manufactures, sells and distributes components and systems for swimming pools -public and residential- as well as for wellness projects through a wide worldwide net of offices and warehouses.

Fluidra USA offers a portfolio of more than 20.000 references of product and equipment solutions for familiar swimming pools, clubs, aquatic parks, turistic ressorts, hotels and competition swimming pools.

The main Fluidra USA objective in the swimming pool sector is to offer global solutions with great added value which guarantee the safety and comfort of the user. The swimming pool is thought as a closed circuit, self-sufficient that, one time is full, no needs almost more water to work.

In the wellness sector, FluidraUSA designs and develops built-in solutions for spas and hydrotherapy projects. The wellness offer includes an wide range of products for temperature, water, relax and spa treatments, health centers and thalassotherapy comercials and privates.

More information, contact: customerservice@fluidra.us